Kevin Bradley Obituary, Death -An SUV hit an Apple store in Hingham Derby Street Shops on Monday, killing 1 and injuring 19. The 2019 Toyota 4Runner smashed through the store’s glass at 10:45 a.m., the DA said. Sky 5’s glass was shattered after the crash. First responders treated dozens outside the store. Cruz announced a probe. The driver was unidentified. “This morning was unthinkable,” Cruz says. “Investigation continues.” The crash happened Monday just after 10 a.m. Cruz was unaware of the store’s occupancy.

“It’s unthinkable that this happened in a phone store,” says Cruz. The SUV was towed Monday afternoon.
Construction worker, according to Apple. “We are devastated by today’s tragic events at Apple Derby Street,” Apple said. “We pray for our injured employees, customers, and everyone affected by this tragedy.” Kevin Bradley, 65, was killed. South Shore Health reported 17 head and limb injuries.

South Shore Health’s chief of trauma says multiple patients have life-threatening injuries. The OR is full. South Shore Health says all patients are with family. Two more patients were taken to Boston hospitals Monday. Apple’s parking lot was taped off. The driver was conscious and injured, according to a witness. The driver wasn’t hospitalized, Cruz said. Cruz says, “He’s police.” Cruz says investigators are looking into whether the driver was treated.

Frank O’Brien wondered how fast a car would have to go to break the window. “You’d have to move fast to reach Apple’s back storage,” he said. A store witness said the SUV was moving fast when it crashed. Another witness called it a “big explosion.” Loud. Cruz didn’t know the SUV’s speed when it hit the store. Cruz says, “We’re investigating.” Cruz: “We’re investigating the driver.” “We’re investigating the car. We’ll gather info and continue.” Derby Street Shops said on social media that it was “devastated” by Monday’s tragedy and grateful to first responders. “We’re thinking of the victims, their families, and Derby Street.” Hingham’s Derby Street Shops has 64 restaurants and stores. 4,000-square-foot Apple store behind Burton’s Grill. 2006.