Kershaw James Obituary, Death -In Loving Memory of KERSHAW, and to Express Our Eternal and Unending Gratitude to Him In Loving Memory of KERSHAW, and to Express Our It is with a heavy heart that we have to break the news to you that Bracewell is no longer affiliated with our company.On Thursday, November 10, 2022, at the age of sixty, unexpectedly passed away at home for reasons that are still unknown at this point in time. The Most Precious and Adored Husband That Lynda Has Ever Had In addition to being a much-loved Son, Son-in-law, Father, Father-in-law, Brother, Brother-in-law, Uncle, Nephew, Grandad, and Poppy, he is also a wonderful friend to a large number of people. He has a large number of sons, son-in-laws, fathers, fathers-in-law, brothers, brother-in-laws, nephews, and grandsons.

A large number of his offspring include sons, sons-in-law, fathers, fathers-in-law, brothers, brother-in-laws, nephews, grandsons, and grandsons-in-law. Since Lynda and her husband have been together for such a long time, they have been able to raise a sizable family that includes a number of children and grandchildren. He is the most cherished husband in Lynda’s life, and she has the highest regard for him. Lynda holds the highest regard for him in her heart.

The burial of Kevin’s remains is scheduled to take place in the cemetery on November 29, 2022 at 10:00 a.m., immediately following the conclusion of the funeral services. When the time has come, this will take place promptly after the conclusion of the service. The memorial service was going to have taken place earlier on in the day than originally planned. The memorial service will be held at the Boyne Tannum Memorial Parklands Chapel on Pioneer Drive in Boyne Island.

Those who would like to pay their respects to the departed are cordially invited to do so at the service. The ceremony will start at one o’clock in the afternoon. The start time of the ceremony is going to be at twelve o’clock in the afternoon. One can discover a building that serves as a chapel within the Boyne Tannum Memorial Parklands. This building can be found there. On the premises, you’ll find this building right here.