Kenny Knowles Obituary, Death – Kenny Knowles of Atlanta GA has passed away. Many Eastlanders are mourning the passing of Ken Knowles, who was best known for his efforts to help other Eastlanders in need. Knowles was the administrator of the Eastland County Breaking News Facebook page, which she utilized frequently to gather assistance for those in need. “People cared about him, and he cared about them,” the deceased man’s sister, Lora Knowles, said.

Knowles is also well-known for his engagement with the philanthropic group Eastland County Helping Others (ECHO). He even found time to become an ordained preacher and preside at several community weddings. “He would cry with me, laugh with me, and he’d be the first to tell me, ‘raise yourself up,'” Christi Tucker, a longtime Knowles friend, recalled lovingly. Christi was speaking of Knowles. Knowles and Tucker met during a particularly difficult point in their lives. They would eventually live together and help each other overcome the obstacles in their respective lives. He would later preside over both her wedding and the wedding of her daughter because he appreciated being engaged in people’s lives in so many different ways. “Seeing someone go without simply devastated his heart,” Tucker said.

All of his kindness would be rewarded when his fans came together to pay his medical bills and care for him while he faced health issues. “At first, he was reluctant to accept it,” Tucker said of her acquaintance. But later, when he saw the consequences of his actions, he couldn’t help but cry. Despite his death from it, his sister told KTAB/KRBC that he was not always like this. “I guess he used to be self-centered,” Lora admitted. However, the fact that he impacted the lives of so many people shows her that he lived a complete life. Lora acknowledged that “he changed,” and that “he did,” and that “he became a better man.” Lora appreciated that he was surrounded by a caring community that was there to watch over and care for him.