Kennedy Haley Obituary, Death – There are some situations in which joy is immediately followed by anguish. When we were felling trees the week before last, this is how we felt about what we were doing. Despite all of the celebrations and goodwill that the holiday season brings, our hearts were heavy after learning of the passing of a member of the crew that was in charge of the tree harvest. A terrible car accident that took place not more than a few weeks ago was responsible for the passing of Nick Haley’s young daughter, Kennedy.

Haley had put in a lot of time at Union Pacific as a crew member over the years. Nick was there to help out the team on Monday despite the fact that he was going through a difficult time personally. If she had been allowed to live, Kennedy would have turned 18 years old today. During this time of difficulty, the Haley family has been in our thoughts and prayers, and they will remain in our thoughts and prayers moving forward as well.

In honor of Kennedy Haley, a one-of-a-kind ornament was added to the Christmas tree that we have at Union Station every year during the holiday season. The employees at Mangelsen’s were the ones who came up with the design for this ornament, which is gold with a bright pink bow. It is situated directly beneath the star that sits atop the Christmas tree in its most elevated position. In order to contribute to the celebration of Jackie Kennedy’s life in her hometown of Malvern, Iowa, the museum will donate a 15-foot tree that will be decorated with extra lights and ornaments from the collection.
We hope with all of our hearts that Nick and his family can take some comfort in the many kind words and acts of support that have been expressed to them. Rest in peace, Kennedy