Keith Fergus Obituary, Death – We would like to extend our condolences to Keith’s family and friends and let them know the news that we are passing on. Keith passed away on November 4 while he was peacefully sleeping, and we would like to let them know the news that we are passing on.
There is a good chance that a significant number of you are at least tangentially familiar with Keith Fergus, who was a member of the Whitecraigs family.

This is because there is a family connection between the two families. [Further citation is required] As his son advanced through younger age groups up to the U18 level, he never missed an opportunity to cheer on both his son and the team that he played on by attending every game that his son was a part of. This was true from the time his son was in younger age groups up until he reached the U18 level.

This was the case from the time his son competed in younger age groups all the way up until he reached the level for players under the age of 18 (U18). Keith was one of the devoted members of the club who volunteered their time to assist the coaching staff, which was made up of Paul, Richard, Alan, and Struan. Keith’s name was on the list. Paul, Richard, and Alan rounded out the rest of the coaching staff as the other members of the crew.

The two other members of the coaching crew were named Paul, Richard, and Alan, in that order. Keith stepped up to the plate and assumed the responsibilities of the team’s Covid Officer in the midst of the difficult times that the squad was going through. On Friday, after a brief struggle with his illness, he was unable to overcome it and passed away as a result.

As a result of his passing, his family, friends, and the people he met through his work with the rugby club will all miss him very much. He was well liked and respected by all of these groups. Those individuals who knew him through the time he spent volunteering with the rugby club will be among the first to voice their condolences regarding his passing.

The funeral service and celebration of Keith Fergus life
will take place at the Hurlet Crematorium Glasgow Rd,
Barrhead/Glasgow G53 7TH at 3pm Friday and
thereafter to the Kingston Bowling club, Kingston Rd,
Neilston, G78 3HZ for light refreshments.