Kay Farrell Obituary , Death – On Tuesday, we were shocked and saddened to learn that Kay Farrell had passed away, and we were sorry to learn that she had left this world. We were sorry to understand that she had left this place. When we found out that she had abandoned it, it made us quite angry. Today was the day that we were able to get our hands on the information that we had been hunting for all along. During the course of the last three years, during which Kay was undergoing treatment for cancer, she never once skipped the Friday session that was held at the Perrystown location. The program took place on a weekly basis.

As soon as we were given permission to resume teaching after the lockdown, she returned to the classroom, and she stayed there for as long as she could while we did the same thing. She remained there until she was physically unable to do so any longer after reaching her limit. After we had finished the step before this one, she continued doing this for as long as she was able to after we had finished the step before this one.

It is said that she spent the final five weeks of her life in the Harold’s Cross hospice. This is the place where her sister Anne claims she lived and that she cherished every moment right up until the very end! Kay was an incredible photographer and possessed a great deal of creative energy in addition to her talent in tai chi. She was also an accomplished martial artist. In addition to that, she was an accomplished practitioner of various forms of martial arts.

Her passing will be a terrible tragedy for all of the people who cared about her, including her friends, her family, and the countless other individuals who were a part of her life at some point.