Katie TerBeest Obituary, Death – Following a collision that took place early on Sunday morning in Guadalupe, a woman and two other people, one of whom was a trooper with the Arizona Department of Public Safety, were pronounced dead at the scene. The trooper was one of the victims who passed away. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) troopers responded to a call of a car fire on Interstate 10 close to Guadalupe at approximately 12:25 in the morning. When they arrived, the trooper had already parked across the two right lanes in order to shield three people who were standing outside of a burning vehicle from the oncoming traffic.

Another person who was helping at the scene was a firefighter who was off duty at the time of the incident. Both vehicles were involved in a collision as a result of a ridesharing car that suddenly collided into the rear of the trooper’s vehicle, which in turn caused the trooper’s vehicle to collide with the vehicle that the off-duty firefighter was driving, which resulted in the collision of both vehicles. After that, the ridesharing car made a sharp turn and started heading in the direction of the officer as well as the three persons he was helping. The state policeman, one of the people involved in the car fire, and the passenger who was riding in the rideshare vehicle were all sent to a local hospital for treatment.

Katie TerBeest, who was 33 years old, was a passenger in a ridesharing vehicle when she sustained life-threatening injuries and ultimately passed tragically. The second person is also making progress in their recovery from their injuries, which were seen as being quite moderate in comparison to those experienced by the trooper. There is no evidence, according to officials with the DPS, that impairment played a factor in the crash that occurred earlier. Officials have claimed that no consideration is being given to filing any criminal charges as a result of the investigation.