Karl Goehring Obituary, Death – The news of Karl Goehring’s passing has left me in a state of disbelief for the better part of the day; his presence in our lives will be sorely missed. My heart is broken! Today, I found that a lot of what I’ve been through in the past was coming back to me as I reflected on it… NASCAR, The Band and Jam Sessions, and BBQ Cook-Offs have all come to an end. The first one was held at La Bahia Hall, but a storm and cold front caused the tent to collapse on all of us; 1st Place Chili, Ballinger; Rowena Cantina, Houston; and lots of other local ones have also concluded.

3rd Base with Lester and learning the most recent information on firearms and ammunition, playing 42 and straight dominos in Columbus on Sundays after NASCAR, Walhalla for dominos and puzzles, county fairs and other events in small towns, and a great deal more are some of the things that are on the agenda for this trip. Having in-depth conversations along the way about the ways in which we gained so much knowledge from listening to older people and a lot of the ways in which I deserved better than a few of the people I dated along the way. Having these conversations helped me realize that I deserved better.

During evenings of Texas hold ’em poker games, Karl was well-known as the “Protector.” This indicated that he was a reliable and trustworthy friend, but it also made it difficult to predict his behavior. The most memorable experiences of my life have been floating down rivers and checking out concerts by my favorite bands performed in person. Having a good time while attending gatherings of your extended family and participating in those gatherings. During this difficult time, I will continue to keep April, the boys, Bobby, Trisha, and Elsa, along with the rest of the family and friends, in my thoughts and prayers. I will also continue to keep the rest of the family and friends in my thoughts and prayers.