Justin Zamzow Obituary, Death – (ST. JOSEPH, Missouri) It has been determined that the officer who was identified as having shot his weapon during the event that took place on Monday evening was the one who fired his firearm during the incident. The officer that was involved in the shooting that took place on Monday evening at Altec was a patrolman named Justin Zamzow, according to Captain Jeff Wilson of the St. Joseph Police Department. This information was provided by Captain Jeff Wilson. The occurrence was found to have taken place at Altec. Zamzow has been working for the police department for the past four years, and as is standard practice and required, administrative tasks have been assigned to him.

On Monday, law enforcement officials were dispatched to the Altec Industries facility located at 2106 Riverside Road only a few minutes before the stroke of midnight. The action was done as a response to the observation of a male subject in the parking lot pointing a gun at a number of different people, which led to the observation of the subject. The response was formulated with the circumstances in mind from the very beginning. As soon as the law enforcement officials arrived at the scene, they immediately began issuing several demands to the suspect, urging him to drop the weapon and to surrender. After further investigation, it was discovered that the suspect’s name was Cody A. Calvin, and that he was 32 years old.

Wilson claims that Calvin did not comply with his instructions and that at some point during the exchange, he pointed his firearms in the direction of the police officers. Zamzow shot the suspect with the weapon that was issued to him as part of his job, which resulted in the suspect receiving injuries as a direct consequence of the shooting. The law enforcement officers were successful in taking custody of the suspect while also rendering first assistance to him during this process. Immediately upon their arrival, emergency medical personnel were dispatched to the scene, and the suspect was taken to the hospital in an ambulance when they had finished their work. As a result of an alleged incident, Calvin is being investigated for the unlicensed use of a weapon, which is a criminal offence.