Julie Rapneth Obituary, Death – Julie Rapneth of  Pittsburgh PA has sadly passed away. Julie was a former Cook at Oakmont Nursing Center.  One of her friends  posted on Facebook saying: When I was in kindergarten 18 years ago and I met this girl for the first time, I got an instantaneous intuition that we would be competitors against one another. Since then, our competition has only intensified. We were able to successfully waste the entire school year by putting glue on one another’s desks and making up fake accusations against one another regarding occurrences that did not take place.

The beginning of the beginning of the beginning of our friendship was the moment that your mother eventually persuaded you to ask me to the party that you were throwing in honor of your birthday. Since then, neither of us can fathom a world in which we do not share our lives with the other. In addition to all else that you’ve taught me, I would like to thank you for always being there for me when I required your assistance. I can’t express how grateful I am. You are the most important friend I’ve ever had, and our friendship has lasted the longest of any other friendships I’ve had in the course of my life.

Although you were dealt a bad hand, you never let it bring you down, and throughout the course of the incident, both your attitude and camaraderie were amazing. You have a lot of reasons to be proud of, not the least of which is yourself. I adore you, Jules, and I miss having you here, whether we were matching Nick Jonas shirts for Kenneywood or sneaking out and hiding cigarettes. I miss everything about our time together. I long for every aspect of the time we spent together. I have a deep desire to have you here with me for everything that we do. Julie Saxon Rapneth