Julián Viñuales Obituary, Death – The information that was released online reveals that Julián Viuales Solé suddenly dead abruptly at 3:30 in the afternoon on November 8th, 2022. According to reports, he was attended to by members of his family right up until the moment he passed away. Everyone who had loved him, his family, and everyone in the community was left in a state of despair and loss after he passed away. The day was November 8th, 2022, the year was 2022, and the month was November of that year. At that moment, it was already the 8th of November. A going-away party will be held on Thursday, November 10, at the La Central del Raval bookstore in Barcelona.

The event will take place toward the week’s end. The bookstore may be found on Eliabets Street at the address 6 Eliabets Street. The get-together is going to take place in the evening, specifically between the hours of 4:30 and 8:00 o’clock in the clock. If you were to take part in the activities that we are getting ready to host, you would unquestionably have a wonderful time, and we would be overjoyed to have you join us there. If you are interested in coming, please let us know. We are looking forward to seeing you there! The moment I learned that a person who had been both a lifelong friend of mine and a former member of @IntPublishers had passed away, I was immediately hit with an overwhelming sense of sorrow.

This individual had been a member of @IntPublishers in the past. Julián Viuales is now filling in as the interim Chairman of the Executive Committee while the position of Chairman of the Executive Committee, which is a permanent job, is currently vacant. Everyone will feel an immense and all-encompassing sense of grief as a direct result of his dying because his death was the primary cause of everyone’s passing.