Judith Henriques Obituary, Death –  An investigation has been opened as a result of the sad house fire that occurred in Attleboro in the early hours of Friday morning. The fire broke out in the middle of the night. Judith Henriques (family photo) A medical emergency was reported just before one in the morning at a residence located on Division Street, and as a result, emergency personnel were dispatched to the location. It took the residents who lived close only a short length of time, according to their accounts, but the flames were able to completely destroy the house. The following description of the events was provided to 12 News by a member of the local community:

“We went over to see if there was anything we could assist, and another neighbor was shouting out for the person that lives there.” I did make an attempt to knock on the door, but when I did so, there was no one or anything that responded to my efforts to get their attention. According to the findings of the inquiry, Judith Henriques, who was 80 years old at the time of the fire, was one of the people who lost their lives in the incident. The fire not only destroyed the house entirely but also left a large hole smack dab in the middle of the roof. The heat caused the vinyl siding of a home that was next to the one that was damaged to become distorted.

Peters proceeded by saying, “It’s heart-rending for me to attempt to image what her family is thinking, and it kills my heart every time.” Peters was referring to the fact that it was difficult for him to imagine what her family was thinking. “This is a pretty bad circumstance,” the speaker said. “Life is so chaotic because of the pace at which it moves. This morning when I got out of bed, I found myself feeling a great deal of gratitude for the things that I already possess. Without a sure, this helps put things into perspective and sheds light on the situation. The speculations concerning what might have been the cause of the fire have not been verified in any way.