Judith Belleza Obituary, Death – We are sorry to be the ones to break the news to you, but JUDITH CUANICO BELLEZA has unfortunately passed away. However, we are keeping our fingers crossed that she will be brought back to life at some point in the foreseeable future. Brother Felipe C. Belleza, Jr. is married to Sister Judith Belleza. The mother of FSC

Felipe C. Belleza Jr., Brother Felipe C. FSC is serving as the Executive Director of our organization at the present time, and Mrs. Judith Belleza is FSC’s mother. Br. The United States of America is Felipe C. Belleza, Jr., FSC’s birthplace, and it is also where he received his primary and secondary education.

Let us pray that her soul may rest in peace forever and that the family she has left behind, who are in mourning because of her passing, may find some solace in the fact that this trying time may bring them comfort. Let us also pray for the world to become a more peaceful and just place as a result of her passing. In addition, let us pray that during this time of difficulty, we may receive the solace that we require.

Eternal Father, we bring you the most valuable sacrifice of Jesus Christ, your divine Son, which is his body and blood. Please accept this offering as a token of our gratitude. We ask that you take this present as a sign of our appreciation for all that you’ve done.

In anticipation of your gracious acceptance of this gift, please accept my thanks. We beg your forgiveness and pray that you will look past this infraction and see that we have acted in good faith. Please accept our sincere apologies. in conjunction with the masses that are, right at this very moment, being said simultaneously across the entire planet in a variety of locations all over the world.

For the sake of all of the holy souls who are currently enduring the torment that is purgatory, for all of the sinners everywhere, including those who are a part of the Universal Church, our homes, and our own families, and for sinners everywhere else in the world.