Juan Guevara Obituary,  Death –  Fresno County, which is situated entirely within the borders of the state of California An individual of that age passed away as a result of injuries sustained in an automobile collision that took place in Fresno County. The collision was the direct cause of the individual’s passing. It was discovered that the individual had died at the scene of the accident where he had been involved. It was determined that Juan Luis Guevara, who was 36 years old at the time of the incident, was the person who had passed away as a direct result of the occurrence of the incident. Guevara spent some time as a resident of the Fresno metropolitan area at one point in his life.

Yesterday, there was an automobile collision on Ashlan Avenue, which is situated to the east of Academy and served as the location of the event. The incidence took place a little while later than ten o’clock in the evening. The officers of the California Highway Patrol are of the opinion that the driver was traveling at a speed that was excessively fast and unsafe at the time of the accident, which was caused when the vehicle smashed into a concrete rail. The accident occurred when the driver was traveling. The driver was traveling to and from work on a highway in the state of California when the accident occurred. Guevara was wearing a seat belt when the accident occurred; yet, he was still ejected from the moving vehicle.

The seat belt did not prevent Guevara’s ejection. The accident took place as the vehicle was moving at a rapid rate of speed. When the collision took place, the vehicle was traveling at a very high speed, which contributed to the severity of the impact. He was brought to the hospital, but his injuries were too severe, and he passed away at the facility where he was being treated a short while later. His condition did not improve while he was there as a result of them, despite the fact that he had been relocated there. As a direct result of the collision, the force of the impact was sufficient to cause cracks in not just one but two separate components of the automobile.

An investigation is currently being carried out by law enforcement officers to determine whether or not alcohol or drugs played a role in the recent collision that took place.