Josh Rutledge Obituary, Death – The Tulsa Fire Department (TFD) released a statement on Friday stating that one of their own had been killed in a tragic accident, indicating that the death occurred on Friday. The tragic passing of Captain Josh Rutledge has left the Tampa Fire Department in a state of complete and utter sadness. In the statement, Chief Michael Baker stated, “We lost a great hero and friend tonight.”

The rest of the members of the Rutledge family are in our thoughts and prayers. The statement that was delivered by Chief Baker continued by saying, “His dedication to the citizens of Tulsa, our fire department, and the training of our future firefighters is unrivaled.” Everyone who knew him will mourn his passing deeply. Josh has given the entirety of his life to the service of the people of Tulsa, the Tulsa Fire Department, and the education of those who are interested in a career in the fire service.

He was an outstanding individual who made a huge impact on the lives of everyone he spoke to and interacted with. The lives of so many different kinds of people have been drastically altered as a direct result of their interactions with him. Many people, including those he worked with and those he had never met, looked up to him as a model, and those who knew him will remember him with fondness even after his passing.

He has a significant amount of experience in spiritual instruction. Throughout his life, Josh was able to win the love and esteem of a great many people thanks to the many roles that he played as a husband, father, grandpa, son, brother, uncle, and friend. The personal and professional domains of Josh Rutledge’s life each contributed significantly to the profound effects he had on the lives of a large number of other individuals. Not only did he contribute to the saving of a great number of lives, but he also educated a great number of people who went on to become firefighters.