Josh Rutledge Obituary, Death РOn Friday, November 11, the Tulsa Fire Department held a memorial service for one of its fire captains who had passed away suddenly the previous week.
According to Josh Rutledge’s fellow firemen, he had a genuine passion for people and was someone who others looked up to. The words of Captain Josh Lamb ring in our ears: “We have to remember him for the person he was and the affection he had for everyone of us. Lamb stated that he had worked with Rutledge for a little more than a year on the fire truck as Rutledge’s driver, and that Rutledge had played a significant part in the elevation of Lamb to captain.

Lamb stated that Rutledge had a passion for people, was always playing pranks, and had a humorous personality. “He was a captain here, a trainer here, he was a deacon of a church, and he later was a pastor of a church, and the most recent thing he’s done is he spent Wednesday with youth,” said Lamb. “He was a deacon of a church, and he later was a pastor of a church.” According to Lamb, everyone in the department had a lot of affection for Rutledge. He stated that he was a captain, as well as a training officer for incoming cadets, and that his goal was to help individuals become the greatest firemen they could be.

“He wanted to make us better firefighters and better people,” he added. “He wanted to change people’s lives. He wanted to lead them to Christ. He wanted to change the world.” He stated that the fire service will suffer a significant setback as a result of this unforeseen loss. He stated that they are members of the same family and that they will always keep Rutledge’s memory with them. He remarked, “I feel as though he makes us be better people, just the way that he handled people, the way that he loved people, we need to be more like him.” “I feel as though he makes us be better people.”