John Veltheim Obituary, Death – Dr. John Veltheim, the co-founder of the BodyTalk System has passed away on November 22, 2022. Many have been moved by his dedication to his work, his desire to assist others, as well as his compassion and sense of humor. In his final days, he was gentle and had a sweet sense of humor, and he was able to interact with family and friends while being pain-free. As most visionaries do, John lived a big, brilliant, colorful, and often tormented life. “I hope I didn’t just give people a Band-Aid with BodyTalk; that they don’t use it like a Band-Aid,” he reflected a few days before his death.

As many of you are aware, this is not the case. But he was his own harshest critic, always wanting to go deeper and deeper into his work… “But there’s so much more I can do; so much more I need to do,” he realizes all the time. We placed his bed in the front room, surrounded by his garden, in his final days. It is the location where he treated numerous patients, both online and in person. He’d occasionally open his eyes and wonder, “Where are the patients I’m supposed to be treating?” “Are you certain I’m not present for that?” And he remembered a young boy who had come for regular treatments with his grandmother.

John adored a sweet little boy whose life quality John’s work could support and nurture in extraordinary ways. It was that little boy who would occasionally appear and say, “I need to get up.” He had anticipated my arrival. I’m in charge of him.” Some of you reading this may not have known John personally, while others were very close to him (please forgive me for informing you publicly). Whether or not you knew John personally, his work has most likely had an impact on your life in some way if you are receiving this.