John Schoenmaker Obituary, Death – The Circular Head Saints were filled with a tremendous sense of loss upon learning of the passing of John Schoenmaker after they received the news of his passing. John Schoenmaker formerly served in the role of president of the Smithton Football Club. His absence will be deeply felt by the Circular Head Saints. We would like to extend our heartfelt condolences not only to Wendy, Kevin, Danny, Ben, and JJ, but also to the rest of their family and friends who have been adversely affected by this awful loss. We are very sorry for the pain that you are going through.

During the many years that passed before Shoey was elected president of the organization, he worked in a variety of positions, including as a committee member, a volunteer, and the group’s resident comedian. Eventually, he ran for president of the organization. During the same time period, he was also a member of the committee and served in that role. In addition, he was the chairman of the committee. Those who were fortunate enough to have experienced his literary prowess will never forget him as anything other than an excellent poet. Those who did not have that opportunity will never forget him as a poet. Those unfortunate enough to have missed his readings will never be able to forget what an incredible poet he was. Those individuals who did not get the opportunity to experience him as a poet will never be able to forget him. They will always remember him.

Before he moved to Launceston, he was held in extremely high regard throughout the entirety of Circular Head, and he was frequently asked to represent players in the capacity of a tribunal delegate. Additionally, before he moved to Launceston, he was frequently asked to represent players in the capacity of an arbitrator. In addition to this, before he went to Launceston, he was frequently called to act as an arbiter on behalf of players in various disputes. This was before he moved. Before he relocated, he had been a resident of Launceston for some time. Afterwards, he found a new home. Up until the very last day of his march, which took place on Friday of the previous week, he never faltered in his commitment to being a committed supporter of the Saints. In fact, he never wavered in his commitment at all. If I’m being completely honest with you, it’s not as if our memories are going to stop “marching in” any time in the near future!