John McPartlin, Death – It is my regrettable duty to inform the members of the Folkestone Rugby Club that John McPartlin passed away early on the morning of November 14 while his family was caring to his requirements at a hospital. His passing occurred when his family was attending to his needs. John has been a member of the club for a very long time. The other people in the club held him in extremely high regard and revered him. As a consequence of his departure, those who were intimately acquainted with him and who thought highly of him are suffering from an excruciating sense of bereavement.

John has been a part of our organization throughout the duration of its existence, and he has held the position of President of our club throughout the course of that period of time. John was an original member of our club and helped it get its start. During that time period, he has dedicated a large portion of his time to serving as a mentor to the younger members of our club and to supporting those members in the development of their abilities.

In addition to this, he was an outstanding participant in the club, and he showed an incredible amount of zeal in his efforts to involve all of his sons in the Folkestone-based variety of rugby. As we struggle to overcome this obstacle, the entire family of Sarah and John is in our thoughts and prayers. We know how challenging this time can be for everyone. We are aware of how difficult this time is for each and every one of you, and we are here to support you. As we commemorate them here and now, we will continue to keep them in our thoughts and prayers as we go through this challenging time.