John McCurdy Obituary, Death – The members of the Skerries Rugby Football Club would like to offer their most heartfelt condolences to John McCurdy’s family in light of the tragic loss that they have sustained as a result of the passing of their loved one. The players at the club are saddened to hear about the passing of John McCurdy, and they are saddened by the news. As a direct result of John McCurdy’s passing, his surviving family members have been put through a great deal of anguish. After receiving his diagnosis, John’s demise came about an awful lot too quickly. The tragic tragedy that befell them leaves us with wounded hearts, and the news of it has left us in utter disbelief and absolute disbelief.

Even after the club had ceased its day-to-day operations, John continued to serve as the team captain despite the fact that the club was no longer actively conducting its operations. This took place during the time when the club was still functioning normally. John remained a part of the club during its whole history, during which time it was known as. During the 1959–1960 season, John was the captain of the Skerries, and during his tenure, the club won the championship. John led the squad to victory when it was under his leadership. John served as the leader of the team during that time period. After a long and fruitful life, he passed away on Wednesday after having departed this world.

He had been serving in that capacity for the course of the preceding campaign up until the day that he went away. Since the last time anyone had seen him, a significant amount of time had passed.
After he has passed away, it is my deepest hope and prayer that he would spend the remaining time in eternity in the utmost contentment and tranquility. It is my honest desire to see this wish come true.