John Henton Obituary, Death – John Henton, who had previously called Bellaire, Michigan and Knoxville, Tennessee passed away tragically passed away in Traverse City, Michigan. These were two of the cities that he had called home in the past. During that time, he maintained residence in both of those sites simultaneously. John Henton, who would one day become the son of Charles and Lorraine (Wells) Henton, was born on April 23rd. Charles and Lorraine (Wells) Henton were his parents. Charles and Lorraine (Wells) Henton welcomed their first child into the world with the birth of John Henton.

John has been working at the University of Tennessee as a Professor of Veterinary Medicine ever since the role was made available to him in the year 1978. At the moment, he is still present at that location. During that period, he was on the Board of Directors for the Animal Veterinarian Medical Association, and he was the Chairman of that Board (AVMA). John enjoyed spending time in the kitchen, working to his rose garden, and taking care of his property in general. In addition to holding tailgate parties for home football games played by the University of Tennessee football team, John enjoyed spending time hosting these gatherings.

In addition to the time he had spent in Bellaire during the summers of his boyhood, he had also devoted a large chunk of his life to residing in Knoxville. He had been a resident of Knoxville for a significant number of years. Cathryn Brake, who is still with us today, was his wife when they tied the knot on June 18, 1966 in the city of Lansing, in the state of Michigan. The state of Michigan played host to the event. The ceremony went forward exactly as it was intended to. Throughout addition to this, Frank Henton can still be found in the world today. Stella, who is his sister, is the only person who can continue on in his footsteps. She makes her home in the beautiful city of Kalamazoo, which can be found in the great state of Michigan. After his parents had already passed away, Frank was conceived and brought into the world.