John Geissler Obituary, Death – We are saddened to inform you of the demise of John Geissler, who was both the founder of our company and its current CEO. It is with great regret that we must proceed in this manner. John had a vision, and in 1996, after engaging in a lot of prayer and remaining devoted all the way through the process, he established Agape Distribution in order to fulfill that goal. He brought hope to individuals who were going through difficult times, and the impact he left behind will go on. Additionally, John went on a number of mission trips to different countries all around the world.

It was through him that the Lord spread the message of salvation and made disciples in a wide variety of locations all over the world. John was Jesus’ representative and advocate on earth for the entirety of his life, serving in this capacity the entire time. The master congratulated the great and obedient worker and stated, “Your work here is done.” (According to Matthew 25:21 in the Bible)
In addition to this, John was famous for his steadfast dedication to his family. Sharon, his new wife, was the one who set his heart beating in its steady pace. He had a deep, abiding affection for his wife, each of his children, and each of his grandchildren.

He had the good fortune to come from a large family. This was very evident to any and all individuals who were acquainted with him. The passing of John will be sincerely mourned by anybody and everyone who had the privilege of knowing him. He was a priceless gift from God that will never be forgotten by any member of our family. Please pray for John’s loved ones, including his family, friends, and coworkers, as they are going through a difficult time. Everyone can rely on us to keep them informed about the arrangements that have been made for the funeral.