┬áJohn Connelly Obituary, Death – John Connelly has been engaged in a protracted struggle with cancer for a very long period. After a protracted and difficult struggle with the illness, he passed away unexpectedly on Sunday. He held that role for the most of the Institute’s history and did it admirably (NFI). He was 61. Connelly has declared that he will leave his position as NFI president in February 2019. He has spent the last 20 years in that job. The largest and most significant trade association for the fish business in North America is the Fish Sector Association (NFI). He was later found to have cholangiocarcinoma, also known as bile duct cancer. It took us a long time to reach this conclusion.

Lisa Wallenda Picard will succeed Connelly as the trade group’s executive director, according to NFI’s announcement in November. The news was announced following NFI’s annual meeting in November. In response to Connelly’s passing, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFI) issued the following statement: The creation of the Better Seafood Board, the merger of the National Tuna Federation and the ensuing establishment of the NFI Council system, the annual Global Seafood Market Conference, the concept for the Seafood Nutrition Partnership, and his consistent participation on numerous industry boards are just a few of John’s many accomplishments.

“John has accomplished a lot, including founding the Better Seafood Board, joining the National Tuna Federation, and developing the Better Seafood Certification Program as well as its sister programs. John has also contributed significantly to the expansion of the Seafood Nutrition Partnership, which is a critical endeavor. John was usually present during the start of the epidemic and assisted in organizing the battle against the illness. Members will have positive memories of John for a very long time because of his helpful assistance to the NFI. These are only a few examples of the several various types of donations that might have a lasting impact.

Connelly joined NFI in 2003, and as soon as he did, he began drastically altering the organization’s mission and increasing funding for marketing and communication. He realized that the protein industry had a significant health edge over other protein suppliers, and that this advantage belonged to the industry. Since the organization needed to profit from this message, he made it his personal mission to see that it did. He served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy in the 1980s and 1990s, and even after beginning his employment with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, he continued to be a part of the naval reserve for many years.

He served as an officer in the American Marine Corps as well. Being in the naval reserve for the majority of his tenure there allowed him to maintain order at the NFI. Additionally, he was successful in getting the fish business to address problems with cooperation and sustainability that had previously existed. Connelly admitted to not holding anything back at the initial interview for the role to the journal of his alma mater, College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts, which is located in the state of Massachusetts. The Holy Cross College of the United States of America is located in the state of Massachusetts. Connelly attended a university in Massachusetts where he received his degree.

Connelly reportedly told the journal, according to a quote from the story, “I remarked that the fish sector was like the German states in the 1860s.” In response to a query regarding how the seafood industry compared to the German states, this was said. “Just as Germany did after Bismarck came to power there, each industry sector had its own struggles to overcome. I advised them that we ought to cooperate in order to address our issues with beef and pork, much like the chancellor had done. This is the job of the chancellor. It was crucial to unite the seafood industry and the fishing industry into one company.

Connelly was selected by IntraFish as its first Person of the Year in 2006. Connelly received this distinction as a token of IntraFish’s gratitude for him. His wife Margaret, kids Kate (Jack), Jack (Rui), Bridget (John), and Maggie (Ryan), as well as his extended family, friends, and coworkers from all over the world, are among Connelly’s living relatives. He passed away on April 15, 2018. Participants in the Semester in DC Program will have the opportunity to submit an application for the “John Connelly Intern Scholarship” thanks to a collaboration between the National Foundation for Internships (NFI) and the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts.

This scholarship aims to provide financial assistance to program participants so they may fully engage in the program. John spent more than ten years as a researcher at NFI. He also assisted Holy Cross students who were working there as research interns during that time. He is very happy to put some of the misunderstandings about lobbying as a career to rest. The National Food Institute intern who works on advocacy each year will get this scholarship. Additionally, it will be given to interns in the District of Columbia who work for organizations that represent the food industry and will gain from the fellowship.

Please get in touch with Phil Gibson at Holy Cross Advancement, located at 1 College Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01610, if you want to donate money to the scholarship. The Global Seafood Market Conference will be held at the La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs on January 15, and NFI will organize a memorial service for Connelly there. At the service, Connelly will be remembered.