John Batty Obituary,  Death – A member of the Ellbra Rangers informed me of the terrible news that John Batty, the secretary for the club, had passed away. A really sad turn of circumstances has occurred. I’m devastated and helpless after learning this knowledge, which makes me feel helpless. I have a lot of reasons to be concerned about the future after learning this knowledge. This news regarding the situation is not only unexpected, but also rather depressing. John would go to these meetings as soon as he left his place of employment to make sure he did not miss any of them. He routinely attended CARLA meetings in his capacity as a spokesperson for his dear Ellbra.

John did this to make sure he didn’t miss any of the meetings. John did this to ensure that he would attend all of the meetings that were scheduled for him. Ellbra, John’s beloved pet and ardent advocate for animal rights, was by his side all the while. He gave the cause that was very important to him his entire time and attention and was intelligent, enthusiastic, and bursting with enthusiasm. He put all of his time and effort into the cause that meant a lot to him. A person is regarded as a gentleman if they are knowledgeable about rugby league and conduct themselves in their private lives in a way that exemplifies what it is to be a proper gentleman in the style of bygone eras.

The loss of someone of his magnitude will be a serious setback for rugby league as a whole as well as, and perhaps more importantly, for his family. [Note: The community will suffer greatly if someone of his stature passes away. This will have an influence on a sizable number of people in numerous places all over the planet. The Seaton Rangers playing squad, coaching staff, and administrative staff would like to send their sincere condolences to his family, friends, and anybody else associated with Ellenborough Rangers as a result of the passing of their teammate. This is in retaliation for the loss of their teammate. This is a response to one of their teammates’ unexpected death.

This is a reaction to the recent death of a fellow soldier of theirs. We want each and every one of you to know that we are praying for you and thinking about you during this difficult time. We want you to know that you are on our minds and in our prayers. We want you to know that you are in our minds and in our prayers right now. Accept our warmest wishes, please. We want you to know that we are praying for you all and thinking of you and your family. We kindly offer our assurances. John, you have my most sincere hopes and prayers that one day you will be able to live a life free from worry and fear.