John Barbieri Obituary, Death – John Barbieri was a lovely person who was dedicated to his obligations as a husband, a father, and a coach. He had a strong commitment to all three of these responsibilities. In addition to that, he was a member of a family. Because of his passing, the people who were a part of our community have suffered a loss that is one that falls into the categories of being both horrific and tragic. After John’s passing, the only members of his family still alive are his young wife Jen, as well as their three young children. In addition to that, he has a young family whom he is going to have to abandon.

As a result of the roles that he played as a coach in the schools of Hudson Falls and as a teacher of physical education for SMSA, John was an extremely valuable member of the community. In addition to that, he was well-respected within the community in which he lived. Everyone knew him by his nick name, “Coach John,” and addressed him in that manner. In spite of the fact that he dedicated a considerable portion of his free time to mentoring younger people, he made it quite obvious that his family came first in everything that he did. Everyone who had the opportunity to get to know him well will have a hard time forgetting the unwavering love that he shown not only to his own family but also to the people who lived in the community that he called home.

This money is intended to aid Jen with any costs involved with his funeral, and it is also intended to help with the rearing of his three beautiful children, who have now lost their father. Jen is the beneficiary of this fund, and she is the person who will benefit from it. The money from this fund will go to Jen as the recipient. Because Jen had such a deep connection to her father, she was resolute in her commitment to do everything in her ability to assist him in any way she could. Click to donate