Joe Simmons Obituary, Death –  We are writing to express our deepest and most heartfelt condolences to you and your family on the passing of Joe Simmons, who had worked for the Redding Police Department in the past as a police officer. Joe was a member of your family. Joe passed away yesterday after a long and courageous battle. He had just turned 68 years old at the time in question, therefore that was his age at the moment. In 1987, Officer Simmons joined the Redding Police Department and launched his career as a member of the law enforcement community.

He continued working there up until the year 2010, when he made the decision to retire from the police force earlier than expected. Throughout the course of his career, he worked in the capacities of a Motor Officer, a Field Training Officer, and an Investigator. However, it was in the capacity of a Motor Officer that he was able to feel the most successful and satisfied with his work.
From Chief Bill Schueller: “Joe was the first field training officer I had when I started working for the company in 1994. He was an excellent mentor. I picked up quite a few new skills from him. He was an excellent educator and leader at all times.

After a significant amount of time had passed, he ended up being the individual who instructed me on how to operate a motor vehicle. Joe was a remarkable member of the force throughout his entire tenure in the police department, which spanned the entirety of his professional life. In addition to that, he was accountable for the instruction of a considerable number of police officers and motor cops. In addition to that, he was in charge of educating a variety of different detectives that worked under him. To begin, and most significantly, he was a buddy of mine. This is the most crucial thing.

We are going to miss having him here with us as it has been a wonderful experience overall having him with us.” After Joe passes away, the only members of his family who will continue on are his wife Annie, his daughters Sara and Dakota, and his two grandsons; they are the only members of Joe’s family who have survived. After Joe’s passing, the only members of his family who will carry on are his wife Annie, his daughters Sara and Dakota, and his grandsons.