Joe Gomez Obituary, Death – The fight that Jose Gomez waged against cancer was ultimately fruitless, and he succumbed to the effects of his sickness and passed away in the North Colorado Medical Center. Felix and Mary (Vasquez) Gomez were there as their son made his entry into the world on February 18th, 1954 in the city of Greeley. They were there to greet their baby into the world as he made his entrance into the world. He was the couple’s first kid to be born while they were married.

After graduating from Greeley Central High School, he went on to pursue a fruitful career in the transportation industry working as a truck driver. Today, he is one of the most successful truck drivers in the area. In this very instant, he is. 1972 was the year that marked the beginning of his love affair with Starla Hess, which would continue throughout the remainder of his life. Throughout their time together, they shared a deep and abiding passion. Joe found enjoyment in a diverse range of pursuits, including the maintenance of autos and the observation of professional wrestling. He was the kind of person who, no matter the circumstances, could make anybody and everyone laugh, especially his loved ones and his close companions.

His wife, Starla Hess, his daughter Misti, his son Joe, three of his grandchildren, Tylyn, Isaiah, and Taylor, four of his great grandchildren, Aaron, Rozalie, Giovanni, and Amias, as well as three of his brothers, Danny, Paul, and Felix Gomez, and one sister, Suzie, all survive him. In addition, he is survived by four of his great grandchildren, Aaron, Rozalie, Giovanni, and Amias. In addition, he is survived by four of his great grandchildren, and their names are Amias, Aaron, Rozalie, and Giovanni.

In addition to him, his great-grandchildren Aaron, Rozalie, Giovanni, and Amias are all still alive and well today. Because his parents, Felix and Mary Gomez, had already departed this world at the time of their deaths, he did not follow in their footsteps when they passed away. There was a memorial service performed, but the only people who were invited to attend were those who were directly related to the deceased.