Joan Murray Obituary, Death – We are sorry to inform you of the passing of Mrs. Joan Murray, and we want you to know that you and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers as you work through the difficulties that this time of loss brings to you and your family. Please be assured that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
In 1978, Mrs. Murray embarked on a career in education by joining the faculty of Old Girls’ School in the capacity of a classroom instructor.

There, she was in charge of educating students in a variety of scientific topics, and her responsibilities included teaching them. A sizeable portion of the school’s graduates have a positive impression of the time she spent with them as a teacher when they were in the sixth form, which is the level of education they received from her. Mrs. Murray was eventually elevated to the position of principal in the school in the year 1986, following a period of time during which she served as the school’s deputy principal beginning in the year 1985.

This promotion came about as a result of Mrs. Murray’s success in her previous role. After having previously held the position of assistant principal at the school, she was promoted to her current position. She started her professional life in 1988 and remained employed at Iona for the subsequent 19 years, during which she oversaw the establishment of both the Day Girls program and the Intermediate Department in the year 1990.

Her career began in 1988 and she remained employed there for the subsequent 19 years. 1988 marked the beginning of her career, and she remained in that same position for the subsequent 19 years. Her time spent at Iona College began in 1988 and continued all the way through 2019, making up a span of thirty years. Her tenure at the company began when she took her first job with Iona, which also marked the beginning of her time spent working for the company. Joan served in both the role of Head of Science and the role of Principal over the course of her career, and she was absolutely magnificent in both of those roles. She held both of those roles at various points in her career.