Jimmy Thomas Obituary, Death – Jimmy Thomas, the head football coach at Littlefield and the school’s athletic director, died early this morning after a battle with illness. He was 52 years old at the time. It is impossible to overestimate Coach Thomas’s impact on the lives of young men and women. He was an exceptional man who was also an exceptional coach, exceptional leader, and exceptional person.

Superintendent Mike Read issued the following statement on behalf of the Littlefield Independent School District: In my capacity as the designated spokesperson for the Littlefield Independent School District and Superintendent of Schools, I am issuing the following statement: Jimmy Thomas, the Littlefield Independent School District’s athletic director and head coach of the varsity football team, died this morning after a brief illness. I must break the news to each and every one of you with a heavy heart. As a result of this unexpected loss, the entire community of Littlefield is in mourning, and the sense of loss we feel over the passing of Coach Thomas is indescribable and cannot be adequately conveyed through the use of words.

Coach Thomas was looked up to as an inspirational and illustrious role model by the student-athletes who competed for Littlefield ISD because he was such an exceptional leader for the various athletic programs that were provided by the district. At the same time that he prioritized ensuring the success and competitiveness of LISD’s athletic programs, he prioritized ensuring that the students who participated in those programs developed morally sound principles of conduct. Students in the District, as well as his colleagues and coaches, as well as the rest of the Littlefield school community, will miss him greatly. He was a popular member of all three communities.

We would like to express our heartfelt condolences to the Thomas family and encourage everyone to be there for them during this difficult time by providing support and solace. Coach Thomas died unexpectedly. The District recognizes and appreciates the community’s ongoing support for Coach Thomas’ family, and we respectfully request that you keep them in your thoughts and prayers in the future. Please pray for him, his wife, their two children, and the rest of the Thomas family. Thank you very much. Pray for the Littlefield community as well as all of the coaching stops he made along the way because he left an impression everywhere he went, not to mention all of the children he mentored and helped develop during his career. Remember to say a prayer for all of the players he coached as well.