Jessica Lapierre Obituary, Death – On Tuesday, Jessica Lapierre of Massachusetts departed from this life.  Her favorite cousin Tiffany Talbot, her great-uncle John Lapierre, and her grandparents Michael and Eileen Lapierre all passed away before she was born. We like to think that they were all ready to give her a bear hug when they saw her for the first time. Jessica was reared in the midst of a large family with numerous cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents who loved her beyond measure despite the fact that she was her parents Raymond and Mary’s only child. Her parents were married and had Mary as their only child.

The day of her birth on the 30th of October was exciting, and she spent her childhood in the presence of her large family. Jessica exuded an air of composure and compassion, and she wore a stunning smile that seemed permanently affixed to her wonderful face. She was constantly in a good mood and laughing. She will be greatly missed for the rest of one’s life. Kane Lapierre, Jessica’s beloved son, who served as the focal point of her existence and was the recipient of her highest affection, will have to carry on without her.

The parents of the woman who passed away, Mary and Raymond Lapierre, will be going in order to pay their respects at the funeral and celebrate the life and beauty of their daughter. Additionally, her grandparents, Philip and Eliza Bishop, as well as her partner, Michael Fillier, will always cherish the memories they have of Jessica throughout the rest of their lives. She also leaves behind many cherished and loving memories for her aunts and uncles who were a part of the Bishop and Lapierre families. These include Darlene (Tony), Russell (Karen), Jocelyn, Jim Lapierre (Elizabeth), Mike Lapierre, Gerry Lapierre (Ali), David Lapierre (Nicole), Mary Lapierre Williams (Dan), Frances Piercey (Dave), Annie Lapierre, Joanie Oates ( (Ricardo).