Jerry Sobota Obituary, Death – On November 5, 2022, Jerry Sobota, the creator of White Oak Construction and the owner of the company, lost a courageous but brief struggle with cancer and went away. Jerry Sobota was the company’s owner. He was the only proprietor of the business. We deliver you this piece of news with a heavy heart because we know it will upset you.
For the benefit of those who are not aware, Jerry started this business in 1983 by operating out of the trunk of his wife’s car. This is for the benefit of those who are not informed. The fact that White Oak is now such a successful business is a direct result of his hard work and his dedication to providing customers with services and attention that are of the highest possible standard.

He makes it a point to treat each and every one of his clients like they are the most important people in the world. But it is Jerry’s strong faith, upbeat nature, and passion for servant leadership that have contributed to the creation of the White Oak, which all of us are familiar with and adore. Jerry is the one who has been the driving force behind this. All three of these characteristics may be attributed to Jerry, who is the one responsible for their development. White Oak is the prosperous company that it is today as a direct result of its dedication to maintaining high professional standards, steadfast principles, and the notion that people should be treated ethically in all interactions.

Both Dave Wilson and Sam Luppino have been given immediate responsibilities as President and Chief Executive Officer, respectively, following their appointments to those roles by the board of directors. It is a great pleasure for us to carry on Jerry’s efforts and bring the White Oak Family one step closer to realizing the shared aspiration that we all have for the family’s future. As you go through this process with us, please remember to pray for Jerry and to keep his loved ones and family in your thoughts and prayers as you go through this adjustment period with us.