Jerry Hurley Obituary, Death – After learning that Club President Jerry Hurley had left the previous day, everyone who was present at the Ballyduff Upper GAA Club on Sunday morning was immediately hit with a huge sense of grief. This was because everyone had been unaware that Hurley had left the club the day before. The tragic news that Mr. Hurley had passed away the day before was shared with those who were present and heard by those in attendance at the event.

Everyone was aware that Mr. Hurley had passed away the day before, which, according to what they had been told, was the primary reason why they were in this difficult situation. The day before, it was found out that Jerry Hurley had died as a result of the disease he had been suffering from. As soon as it was discovered, the club’s members were informed of the situation within a reasonable amount of time and given any new information.

Prior to this specific occurrence, Jerry Hurley had already served as president of the club for a period of time that spanned over a number of years prior to this particular occurrence. This particular occurrence was the culmination of a number of years of Jerry Hurley’s tenure as president. The club reaped a great deal of benefits from Jerry’s proficient skill as a pitcher, which he displayed during the 1950s and 1960s, but especially all throughout those decades. He was particularly effective during those decades.

This was notably the case with the performance of the club throughout those decades. In particular, this was the case with regard to the performance of the club all through those decades. This is an observation that has merit as a reasonable point of view throughout the entirety of those decades, and it has held this merit throughout the entirety of those decades. Over the course of nearly three decades, Jerry’s pitching developed into an instrument that was capable of realizing its full potential as an effective weapon. Jerry made his first public show of his talent sometime between the years 1950 and 1960, when he made his first public presentation.