Jennifer Cassidy Obituary, Death – It has been found out that the individual who passed away as a consequence of the incident is the same person who passed away as a result of an accident involving a motor vehicle that took place at the intersection of Wescott Road and Bush River Road. The accident took place back in January. Bush River Road was the location of the crash that took place. In the state of Kentucky’s Lexington County, Margaret Fisher is currently working as the position of coroner.

The crash took place in Lexington County on November 10, at approximately four o’clock in the afternoon. Jennifer Oneal Cassidy, 49, of Columbia, was killed when she was struck by a car that was traveling northbound on Bush River Road. It is likely that she was turning onto Bush River Road at the time of the collision. Jennifer was found to be unresponsive at the scene of the collision and later confirmed deceased. The collision took place on Bush River Road, if you were wondering. The information was provided by Coroner Fisher, who was in charge of the inquiry into the death and was the one who provided it.

Following the collision, Cassidy was transported to a nearby hospital in order for her to receive necessary medical attention. She was rushed to the hospital as soon as possible following the occurrence, and the doctors there decided that the injuries she had sustained were fatal. There she took her final breath before passing away. The second driver who was engaged in the collision did not report any injuries to the authorities after the incident took place because they did not sustain any injuries as a result of the collision themselves. As part of their investigation into the incident, the South Carolina Highway Patrol is currently gathering further information regarding the crash and its immediate surroundings.