Jenn Orr Obituary, Death – According to a report that was gathered from various online sources, we recently became aware of Jenn Orr’s passing, and our hearts are filled with grief at the news. The news of the death has prompted a number of responses on social media, which in turn has caused family and friends to express their condolences. Each new beginning in life inexorably ushers in the arrival of its logical conclusion. One of the achievements of human existence is the formation of memories, and despite the transience of life itself, memories can frequently endure for the entirety of a person’s entire life. We are making an effort to acquire additional information regarding the report that Jenn Orr has passed away. According to the statement that can be found below, we found out about the death of Jenn Orr through a user on social media.

The sudden and terribly sad news of the passing of our friend, Jenn Orr, has left us all here at the Tavern, staff and friends alike, with a broken and heavy heart.
She was not just a friend to us here at the Tavern but our social media marketing guru and spiritual guide. Her effervescent spirit, energy, and wit pervaded any space she occupied, and she was a great pleasure to work with on any given project.
I’d only gotten to know her within the last 6 or 7 years but she was an unforgettable person.
She was wickedly funny, smart, beautiful, insightful, direct, opinionated, irreverent but mindful, poignant but silly. She was a mood changer and uplifting spirit.
As age and the unpleasant ways of the world have nudged me into an occasional “curmudgeon” her presence would immediately lift me into a “happier” place. I really can’t say that about many people.
The staff at DPT will miss her greatly.
I will miss her greatly.
… and so will the Allentown & greater Buffalo community
And I will lament – there will be nobody ever like her to “uncurmudgeon” me.
Michael Jacobi
Days Park Tavern
PS: Tonight is OPEN MIC – anyone who cares to say a few words in remembrance of Jenn … feel free!