Jeffrey Simaleavich Obituary, Death – The individual who passed away in a car fire that was discovered on Monday evening has been positively identified, thanks to the efforts of the New Milford, Connecticut, police department, which was successful in its investigation. New Milford was the location where the fire was found.

On Monday evening, just before 10:30 o’clock, members of the New Milford Police Department and the New Milford Fire Department responded to a report of a car fire at a Mobile Mini Portable Storage facility located on Sullivan Road in New Milford, Connecticut. The location was specified in the report as being in the vicinity of the Mobile Mini Portable Storage facility.

It was reported that the fire started in a vehicle that was parked at the facility where it was. Jeffrey Simaleavich Sr., a resident of New Milford who had reached the age of 61 at the time of his discovery, was reportedly located by emergency personnel after the fire had been put out by firefighters. He was found in the residence where he had been found. The authorities have stated this to be the case. It has been determined that Jeffrey Simaleavich Sr.’s body was located.

According to the information provided by the police, the vehicle in question was a 2000 Mercury Sable, and Simaleavich was the person who was listed as the owner of the vehicle on the registration. It would appear that the vehicle was involved in some sort of accident. According to the information provided by the officers, there does not appear to be any suspicious connection between the fire and his passing away.

The information that was provided by the police department indicates that the individual who passed away will have an autopsy performed on them by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. According to the information that was provided by the authorities, the investigation is being assisted in its progression by not only the Fire Marshal of the Connecticut State Police but also the Fire Marshal of New Milford.