Jeanette Snider Obituary, Death – Jeanette Ann Hughes Snider, who was 89 years old when she passed away on November 19, did so in a serene and peaceful manner. She was the joyful offspring of her parents, Anna Anthony Hughes and Talleyessyn Hughes, as well as the community of Salinas, Kansas, where she was raised. She went to Southwest Virginia to visit her sister before she made the decision to pursue her ambition of earning a degree in piano performance. Her goal was to become a professional pianist.

She went on to marry Harvey Jackson (Jack) Snider, whom she had previously met, and they went on to spend the rest of their lives together. Together, they were responsible for the upbringing of their four daughters: Terry Combs, Deonna Donohue, Arlene Snider, and Anne Falls. Terry Combs is married to Ed, and Deonna Donohue is married to Paul. In addition, they had three grandchildren, including Austin Donohue, who was married to Lacy, Francis Donohue, who was married to Ali, and Michael Snider, who was married to Stacy.

They also had three great grandchildren, including Rowan Donohue, Molly Donohue, and Michael Snider. In addition, Casey Combs (Alexa), as well as Baby Caleb, who are members of Alexa’s stepfamily.
The four most important things in Jeanette’s life were her family, her work in the arts, her religious practice, and her church. Over the course of the years, she ensured that her family remained as close as possible by instituting a practice that included attending every single event together.

During the course of her academic career, she not only improved her abilities as a portrait artist, but she also earned degrees in laboratory technology and nursing as well. She was passionate about many things, including the arts of cooking, gardening, and sewing, all of which she shared with her children, whom she adored and supported to the fullest extent possible. She was also passionate about many other things, including gardening.