Jean Johnson Obituary, Death – We are deeply saddened to inform you of the passing of Jean Johnson, who was instrumental in the establishment of @cofpglobal. Because she pursued her passion, the lives of thousands of youngsters are significantly improved today. Help us pray for her family as we celebrate her life and honor her memory. Jean Ratzlaff Johnson was born on June 25, 1930, and passed away on November 15, 2022. Jean Johnson entered the everlasting love of Jesus Christ in the comfort of her own home on Tuesday afternoon, surrounded by her family, friends, and other loved ones. Stoneboro, Pennsylvania was where Jean Ratzlaff grew up during her childhood.

She is the older sister of Clarice Rose and the daughter of Dan and Ruth Ratzlaff. At Anderson College, she was introduced to the man who would become her husband of over 71 years, Sidney (Mac). They devoted 47 years of their lives together to the service of God as missionaries for the Church of God in India and Asia. Their love is eternal, and it lives on even to this day, both here on earth and in heaven. Jean had a tremendous amount of affection for her three children, Dan, Paul, and Deb, as well as her three grandchildren, Elisha, Donovan, and Lei, and she loved children in general. She was a conduit through which the love of God was manifested in copious amounts.

In 1955, she went to work at The Shelter, a home for girls located in Cuttack, India. This was the beginning of her service to children. In addition, she advocated for a greater role for women in the Church and, in 1990, she was instrumental in the formation of a sisterhood that was known as The Women of the Church of God in Asia. At the time that Jean and Mac were leaving Asia, a close friend of theirs said to Jean, “Jean, God isn’t through with you yet.” This has shown out to be completely accurate. Children of Promise was established by the two of them jointly, despite the fact that Mac has always given Jean the starring role (and the glory to God).

Now, thirty years later, with new people carrying the torch, this program to sponsor children has significantly expanded and is now active in 31 countries. By means of Children of Promise, the love of God has flowed and is still flowing like a mighty river into the lives of thousands upon thousands of children all over the world who are beautiful.
On the following Saturday, December 3, at the Park Place Church of God, there will be a memorial service for Jean. The visitation will begin at one in the afternoon, and the service will start at two. In spite of the fact that she adores flowers, she has asked that in lieu of a bouquet you make a contribution to Children of Promise or even think about sponsoring a child.