Jean Comeau Obituary, Death –  The members of the Space Coast USBC BA are in deep mourning due to the demise of Momma Jean Comeau, and this awful incident has left their hearts crushed. She was held in the highest regard among the members of the community that we belonged to at the time. Doreen Mezzacappa’s mother, Jean Mezzacappa, fought cancer for a very long period and displayed an extraordinary amount of bravery during her illness; she passed away this morning after putting up a courageous fight against the disease.

Jean had been an active auxiliary member of the Space Coast USBC BA ever since it had been founded in 2017, and she never passed up an opportunity to lend both her own and her daughter’s support at any of the association’s events. In fact, she never missed an opportunity to attend any of the association’s events. 2017 marked the beginning of operations for the Space Coast USBC BA, which began operations that year. In addition to that, throughout the period that the South Brevard Women’s Business Association was in operation, she was an active member of the organization and participated in its activities.

During the majority of the association tournaments, you may locate her working the methods and means table. There, she would provide the attendees with various treats, like sausage sticks and cookies. This was where she spent the majority of her time, making it her primary residence. She will be working there as a vendor selling candy and meat sticks during the period that the Funtastic’s League is being played at Bowlero. Her shifts will take place during the same time. This will take place at the same time that the games for the league are being played. She used to have a lot of fun bowling, but since she has stopped doing it, she doesn’t really miss it all that much. However, she does miss it quite a little. Her physical presence, in addition to that contagious smile of hers, which she shared with everyone she came in contact with, will be dearly missed.