Jaylen Beckham Obituary, Death – On Saturday, James Howard Beckham Jr. was found dead at the hospital after being pronounced dead at the scene of his suicide. James Howard Beckham and Hattie Bailey Beckham had both passed away prior to David Beckham’s birth on May 18, 1935, in Lancaster. David Beckham was born into an orphanage. James Howard Beckham and Hattie Bailey Beckham were his parents, and he was their son. In the past, he was actively involved in both the Crossings Community Church in Columbia and the St. Luke Methodist Church in addition to his membership in the Crossings Community Church in Columbia. In this role, he fulfilled the responsibilities of an elder.

The Hinsons, James, and Sylvia The Beckhams have been married for almost half a century, and throughout that period, James has been a devoted husband to Sylvia. The Beckhams have been married for over half a century. He was able to finish all of the requirements for his high school diploma while he was living in Heath Springs. James was a generous supporter of the Lancaster Railway Museum due to the interest he has always had in railroads. James’s enthusiasm for railroads was the impetus behind this support. Once spending his whole working life in the textile mill industry, he decided to pursue his lifelong interest of restoring private passenger automobiles after he retired from that sector of the workforce.

James had the humble and helpful disposition of a servant, and as a consequence, a huge number of people looked up to him and respected him. Peanut was the name that his loved ones and those who were really close to him called him the vast majority of the time. His son, John Gavin Beckham (and his wife, Tracy), as well as his grandchildren, Kayla Beckham Johnstone (and her husband, Tyler), and Pfc. Jamie River Johnstone, who is Gavin Hillman Beckham’s great-grandson; his brother, Maurice Beckham; and Gavin Hillman Beckham himself. In addition, Gavin Hillman Beckham’s great-grandson, Jamie River Johnstone, is currently serving in the United States Army. In addition, Jamie River Johnstone, Gavin Hillman Beckham’s great-grandson, is now serving in the United States Army (Martha).