Jay Arcari Obituary, Death – Jay Arcari, a member of Moving Targets band passed away. Moving Targets is a band from the United States of America that plays punk and alternative music. The band was formed in the year 1981 in North Shore, Massachusetts. Despite the fact that the band was never able to attain a substantial level of commercial success, during the 1980s they were a vital part of the underground rock scene in Boston. This was the case even though the band never released a commercially successful album. Kenny Chambers was responsible for the composition, guitar work, and passionate vocals of the band during its early days as a hardcore punk power-trio. He was also a member of the band.

Kenny Chambers, who also sings and plays guitar, Pat Leonard, who plays bass, and Pat Brady, who plays the drums, are the members of the band who are most often mentioned in connection with its line-up. In 1986, these three band members and producer Lou Giordano were responsible for producing the band’s debut album, which was titled Burning In Water and was released in the United States. Chuck Freeman replaced Leonard as the band’s bassist for their second album, which was titled Brave Noise. Leonard was the band’s original bassist.

During the time that Moving Targets were recording their fourth album, which was named Take This Ride and took place in 1993, Leonard had rejoined the band to play bass, and Jay Arcari had taken over for Brady as the band’s drummer. In 2018, the band got back together with previous members Yves Thibault on bass and Emilien Catalano on drums in order to embark on a tour throughout Europe (formerly of the Nils). The band embarked on yet another tour of Europe shortly after the release of their newest album, titled Wires and issued by Boss Tunage Records in September of 2019. In the latter half of the year 2020, the band issued their most recent album, which was given the name Humbucker.