Jason Pearce Obituary, Death – Jason Pearce, better known as D’Lo Jordan in Florida, has died. He was 30. Pearce’s most recent donations come from the organization, which organizes events such as Full Impact Pro, EVOLVE, and SHINE. Sal Hamaoui, the proprietor of WWN, revealed the news: We are heartbroken to learn of the death of our friend Jason Pearce, aka D’Lo Jordan. Jason was an important member of the WWN family. Jason was completely dedicated to WWN and our fans. His achievements in front of and behind the camera are immeasurable. We all adore you and miss you. Our hearts go out to his family. Thank you so much, and best wishes, D’Lo.

On March 5, 1992, Jason Craig Pearce was born. Pearce, who stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 160 pounds, debuted as D’Lo Jordan in 2009. The majority of his wrestling appears to have occurred in Florida, where he was a FUW and ACW tag team champion, with his name appearing on a few international cards, including one in the Carolinas. As seen by his YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms, as well as his Patreon website, Pearce was a great content generator. He reviewed and commented on the pro wrestling industry on a regular basis.

As a WNN videographer, I put those skills to use. “D’Lo was one of the hardest working and most enthusiastic people I’ve ever met in the industry,” said Sean Davis, a WNN producer. “He and I worked closely together on Proving Ground for the past year, and his departure is a major loss for the entire firm.” Pearce had been in and out of the intensive care unit for some months, but the cause of his death on November 3, 2022, is unknown at this time. “He was very private, and I honestly never got a clear answer other than he was terribly sick,” Davis told Pearce, according to Davis, was not married and did not have children. “He’d been’married’ to the company his whole life,” Davis observed.