Jarritt Sheel Obituary, Death – Unfortunately, Jarritt Sheel, who was a talented musician and educator in addition to being a lovely parent and husband, has passed away. Being around him was always a source of inspiration, and it was a joy to spend time with him. He genuinely cared about people and he had a deep appreciation for music. In addition to his teaching responsibilities at Berklee College of Music, Jarritt was working toward his doctoral degree in the Department of Music and Music Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Jarritt had just completed the fifth year of the doctoral program he was enrolled in.

As a professional musician, he has taken part in tours all over the world and has provided instruction to a large number of students in high school band programs in the states of Illinois, Florida, and New York. Sheel has served as a music instructor for students at both New York University and Valencia College, two highly regarded educational institutions that have been honored with the Aspen Award. In addition to this, Sheel has worked as a professor within the City University of New York system, where he taught students at the college level courses that focused on critical theory, art history, and democracy.

Sheel was a former member of the Education Department of Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City. During his time there, he directed an ensemble called the Youth Workshop Band. One of the programs that Sheel was in charge of supervising was the Youth Workshop Band. His research centered on the ways in which the hip-hop movement (including its music, culture, and pedagogies) has impacted the field of music education as well as the process of educating music teachers.

He is a strong advocate of the arts education system, and not just because he is a member of the board of directors for the Association for Popular Music Education and a member of the Innovation Council of the National Association for Music Education. He is a prominent figure in the discussion that takes place on social media under the hashtag #hiphopmusiced, and he is one of the people who founded the website Hip-Hop Music Ed, which is devoted to providing information on hip hop music (Opens in a new window).