Jaquan Gatewood Obituary, Death – The identities of the two people who were murdered in a shooting that took place on Saturday in the city of Fargo have been made public by the law enforcement personnel who are stationed in that city and who are responsible for maintaining order there. The incident with the gunshot took place in the city of Fargo. The occurrence occurred in that city as the site of the scene of the crime. The bodies of Jaquan Gatewood, who was 28 years old, and Kierre Davies, who was 27 years old, both of whom had gunshot wounds, were discovered on Saturday shortly after 3:15 in the morning, according to the police. Both victims had died as a result of being shot.

Both victims had bullet holes in their bodies. The deadly gunshot wounds sustained by both victims finally resulted in their passing. Both individuals had bullet wounds, which resulted in holes being found in their corpses. The incident took place in front of an apartment complex that was located around two streets away from the primary campus of North Dakota State University when it took place. The location of the apartment complex was not immediately clear. The university’s main campus was not located immediately adjacent to the apartment complex where students lived. After the authorities have finished their investigation, an autopsy will be performed on each victim on an individual basis.

This will take place after the authorities have concluded their investigation. After the official inquiry into the matter has been finished by the authorities, this will take place. This conversation will take place once the investigation has been finished in its entirety. On Sunday, there were no breaking news stories involving the instant arrest of anyone that were reported in the media. These stories typically involve someone being taken into custody right away. Due to the fact that this had taken occurred the day before as well, it was obvious that nothing had changed. By the year 2022, the Associated Press will have finished all of the processes that are necessary to assure that they will continue to have ownership of the copyright.

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