Janice Alpiak Obituary, Death – It was determined that the person who passed away as a result of the car accident that took place on Tuesday evening in South Anchorage was a woman named Janice Alpiak, who was 56 years old. The identification was made by the police on Thursday, which was the day that it took place. A report of a collision that resulted in injuries prompted the dispatch of both police and emergency medical personnel to the intersection of West Dimond Boulevard and Jewel Lake Road shortly after 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, according to the Anchorage police department. This led to the arrival of both police and emergency medical personnel at the scene.

The location of the intersection may be found at the crossroads where Jewel Lake Road and West Dimond Boulevard meet. According to the reports that were filed by the police, a collision occurred between a Ford F-350 that was driving east on Dimond and a Chevrolet Impala that was turning left from Dimond onto Jewel Lake Road in order to travel south. The reports indicated that the collision involved both vehicles. The investigation has uncovered the fact that Alpiak was a passenger in the Impala and that she later succumbed to the injuries she sustained while being treated at a hospital in Anchorage as a result of those injuries.

According to the police, the individual who was behind the wheel of the Chevrolet Impala was taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries that were not considered to be life-threatening. Following the collision, he was taken there by ambulance. At the time of the collision, there was only the driver of the Ford F-350 in the vehicle. No passengers or injuries were reported, and the driver was the only person in the vehicle. A spokeswoman for the police department stated on Thursday that no charges have been brought against anyone involved in the collision, nor have any citations been issued for any violations that may have been committed as a result of the incident.

In addition to that, she mentioned that there has been no inquiry into the crash at all. The probe is still going on.