Jane Harris Obituary, Death – Jane Harris, who had been struggling with illness for some years, lost her fight with the sickness early on Sunday morning. She had been dealing with her illness for some time. She was not just one of the kindest and most compassionate persons I’ve ever encountered, but she was also quite zealous about fighting for the rights of other people. I will never forget her for those qualities. Because of that, I will never forget about her. She was a steadfast supporter of the rights of others as well as an advocate for the rights of those persons.

Jane continued to have feelings of exhaustion and lethargy despite the fact that she was involved in a fight with Covid during the month of September. This was despite the fact that she was engaged in the conflict. An individual by the name of Covid served as our antagonist in our conflict. She reasoned that the 11th of November would be the right day to put her health first, and on that day, she checked herself into Encompass Health in Rock Hill for a short stay so that she could regain her strength and vigor. She was able to do this because she had prioritized her health. The fact that she passed away so recently (on November 13th, 22), is a shattering piece of evidence suggesting that it was not intended for things to come out in the manner in which they did.

We recognise and are grateful for everything that Encompass Health and Piedmont Medical Center have accomplished in this field, and we are appreciative of the unceasing efforts that they have made to aid Jane. Piedmont Medical Center is where Jane received her medical care. A memorial ceremony honoring the life of the individual who died away on November 17 will be held in the form of a Celebration of Life at one o’clock in the afternoon at the Cecil Burton Funeral Home in Shelby. The date and time of the service are TBD. Following the conclusion of the memorial service, the family will be there to meet and greet any visitors who came to pay their respects to the deceased.