James Stockmoe Obituary, Death – The authorities have been able to identify the man who was killed by his roommate a week ago, and they have also confirmed that the murderer was the roommate. The man was killed in his apartment. After that, the roommate went back to bed, and officials say that officers arrested him after waking him up from his sleep. However, the roommate insists that the officers woke him up accidentally.

James Stockmoe, 60, of Tooele, Utah, was discovered on the floor of his basement apartment on Thursday morning at approximately 2:25 a.m. by his girlfriend, who had just gotten off of work at the time the discovery was made. The location of the discovery was not immediately clear. The authorities have stated this to be the case. His face was covered with a number of scrapes and bruises. They were plastered all over his face. It was determined that Stockmoe had passed away at the location of the accident despite the efforts of those who were present and were attempting to save his life. Nonetheless, they tried their best.

According to the affidavit that was filled out by the police after the arrest was made, the girlfriend called 911 and told emergency dispatchers that it appeared that Stockmoe had been beaten. The statement was made by the girlfriend after the arrest was made. After arriving at the location, the law enforcement officers searched the remainder of the apartment, and they later reported discovering Richard Perales, age 55, sleeping on his bed.

After it was discovered that a boy in the apartment upstairs heard the assault, Perales was charged with murder, which is a first-degree felony, on Friday in the 3rd District Court. The murder charge is the most serious charge that can be given. Additionally, Perales was charged with domestic violence while a child was present, which is a felony of the third degree. Because it was discovered that the child witnessed the assault, the charges against Perales were brought about as a result. The defendant was charged with the crime after it was discovered that the boy had heard the assault being committed.