James Spence Obituary -JAMES SPENCE On September 29, 2022, former Coast Guardsman James Edward SPENCE, who had served in the organization for many years, passed away. Although he was born in Thompson, Ohio, he spent the majority of his life in Tampa, Florida. James Edward SPENCE had his beginnings in the Buckeye State.

He was seventy years old at the time. His birth took place in the community of Thompson, which is situated in the state of Ohio. He is a loving husband, father, and brother to all of the members of his family as well as the people who are friends of his. In addition to being a friend, he is all of these things.

Before he was even born, both of his parents, Gerald LeRoy Spence and Ruth Anna (McDougall) Spence, had already passed away. He was their only child. McDougall was his mother’s maiden name before he was born. At the time of her birth, his mother was given the name Ruth Anna (McDougall).

His given name is the same as his mother’s, which was bestowed upon him at the moment of his birth. The demise of Jim Spence’s brother John Grover Spence, who was also a victim of death, occurred prior to Jim’s own passing. John Grover Spence had likewise been a victim of death (Lauryl).

It has been decided that the ceremony will take place at the Florida National Cemetery, and that location has also been selected to play the role of backdrop for the interment that will take place there. Services of cremation are available in the entirety of the Greater Tampa Bay Area and the surrounding regions.