James Shatewa Obituary, Death – To all Members of the PF: It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you of the passing of Mr. James Shatewa, who was the Chairman of the Solwezi District. Mr. Shatewa was a beloved member of the community. The Solwezi District is the location of Mr. Shatewa’s birth and childhood. Mr. Shatewa enjoyed a high level of popularity and esteem among his fellow community members. Mr. Shatewa was born and raised in the Solwezi District of Zambia, which is also the name of the district in which he currently resides.

During a significant portion of his life, Mr. Shatewa was well-liked and respected by his peers in the community. This lasted for a significant portion of his life. Mr. Shatewa spent his childhood in the Solwezi District of Zambia, which also happens to be the name of the district in which he currently resides at this point in his life. This neighborhood is his birthplace and where he spent his childhood.

Mr. Shatewa was fortunate enough to spend a significant amount of his life in a position where he was held in high esteem and regarded favorably by his peers in the community. This carried on for a sizeable portion of his life and for a considerable amount of time. This morning, Mr. Shatewa was able to pass away in the comfort of his home in Kawiko, where he had spent his entire life. He had been a resident of Kawiko all of his life. He had spent all of his adult life in that location. In the last moments of his life, he was in complete and total comfort; he did not experience any kind of pain or distress of any kind at any time.

He passed away without any kind of suffering. He died without any pain or suffering. He passed away without ever having to go through any distress or agony in his life. Clarification and further information will be provided to you at a later point in time. Please check back for those updates. Please check back later to see if any new information has been added regarding that.

It was the responsibility of the Secretariat of the North Western PF, which was also in charge of those responsibilities, to print the document and distribute it to the appropriate parties. In addition, they were in charge of those responsibilities. In addition to those responsibilities, I was in charge. The Secretariat was able to successfully carry out both of these responsibilities in a way that was extremely satisfying to everyone involved.