James Crowl Obituary, Death – James Crowl, age 82, has been identified by the Delaware State Police as the individual who passed away as a consequence of injuries incurred in an incident that took place in a parking lot. The collision resulted in Mr. Crowl being struck by a vehicle. On Tuesday afternoon, a man from Lewes was killed when, according to the police, he was struck by a car while he was in the parking lot of a grocery shop. The incident took place in the afternoon. At the site, the victim’s death was confirmed by medical personnel.

When it was reported that an elderly man from Lewes had been harmed while pulling a shopping cart through the parking lot of the Weis Grocery Store, it was just after 2:30 in the afternoon. The man was moving through the parking lot while pulling the cart that he had with him. At the same time, a pedestrian in the parking lot was knocked to the ground by a red 2016 Toyota Corolla driven by an 85-year-old man from Millsboro who, according to reports, did not see the pedestrian and hit him, forcing the pedestrian to tumble to the ground. The pedestrian was knocked to the ground by the vehicle because the driver did not see the pedestrian in the parking lot.

The driver of the automobile did not spot the pedestrian when they were in the parking lot, which is why the pedestrian was knocked to the ground by the vehicle. Crowl was transported in an ambulance to a local hospital, but it was later found that he had already passed away before the facility could even begin to treat him. The driver of the Toyota, who was involved in the collision, did not receive any injuries as a result of the incident. At no point in time did the incident involve any other vehicles save the two that were involved.