James Biddle Obituary, Death – James C. Biddle, who had reached the age of 81 at the time of his passing, passed away on November 9, 2022 in North Judson, Indiana, while he was surrounded by his devoted family. On the 11th of July, 1941, his parents, Harvey Biddle and Marjorie (Dulin) Bowers, welcomed him into the world at a farmhouse that was located close to Buffalo, Indiana. His name at birth was Harvey Biddle Bowers. James married Darlene Frieden in 1961.

James frequently attended services at the North Judson Methodist Church. This church was one of his regular places of worship. For his schooling, James received a degree from Indiana State University. James held the positions of Biology teacher, assistant principal, and principal over the course of his forty-year teaching career. The most important factor in his schooling was his time spent at LaCrosse High School.

He was an assistant principal and biology teacher at Kankaee Valley High School for the thirteen years that he worked there. After that, he was a biology teacher at North White High School for a period of two years. James is credited with founding multiple organizations, some of which include the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers Association, the Indiana Wildlife Artist Association, and the Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Society.

The articles that he wrote were published in OL JB’s Fishing Report, which is a part of the Indiana Outdoor News Magazine. Reading, hunting, fishing, taking pictures, playing lead guitar in 50s rock bands, and fishing were some of his favorite interests. He also enjoyed performing music. His wife, Darlene Biddle, who currently resides in North Judson; his daughter, Deenna (Patrick) McNicholas, who currently resides in Valparaiso; and eight of his grandchildren, as follows: Father Declan McNicholas of St. John, Indiana; son Captain Jacob (Brooke) McNicholas of Aberdeen, North Carolina; daughter Erin McNicholas of Valparaiso, Indiana; daughter 2nd Lieutenant Elissa ( Clare McNicholas of Lafayette, Indiana; Aiden McNicholas of Valparaiso, Indiana; Peter McNicholas; Timothy McNicholas; exceptional McNicholas; His relatives Jeffrey Biddle, Harvey Biddle, and Marjorie Bowers passed away before him.

He followed in their footsteps. On November 11, 2022, the Braman & Bailey Funeral Home in North Judson, Indiana will be available to greet guests from three in the afternoon until seven o’clock in the evening, according to Central Standard Time (CST). His funeral will be held on Saturday, November 12, 2022 at ten in the morning Central Standard Time (CST) at the North Judson United Methodist Church, and he will be laid to rest in the Highland Cemetery in North Judson, Indiana. The date and time of these events are both in the Central Time Zone.